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3D Creative Magazine Issue 115 March 2015

Posted by : Posted on Sunday, 19 April 2015 - 20:03 with 1 comment

3D Creative Magazine Issue 115 March 2015
Welcome aboard another issue of 3dcreative! This one’s bursting with great artwork and useful resources, especially for anyone interested in stylized designs and videogames. We meet pro illustrator Cesc Grané, learn industry tips from game artists Gavin Goulden and Viviane Herzog, admire Laura Peltomäki’s sleek and stylish ZBrush designs, and create a 3D game asset with Andrew Finch.
We’ve got helpful tutorials covering a breadth of subjects and software, from environments in ZBrush to hair with V-Ray 3.0 for 3ds Max. Along with a gallery of our favorite images, we hope this issue has everything you need to get inspired and motivated this month. Keep on creating!

Content :

Designing videogame characters
We speak to character artist Viviane Herzog about her artwork and techniques

Exploring vibrant cartoon creations
3D illustrator Cesc Grané shares his colorful artwork and latest projects

Sci-fi sketches in ZBrush
We take a peek at Laura Peltomäki’s skilful ZBrush sketchbook sculpts

Sculpting traditional portraits
Traditional sculptor Assis Filho shares the story of his traditional sculpting career

Art Gallery
10 of the most inspiring 3D images from the world of CG, hand-picked just for you!

A career in videogames
Character artist Gavin Goulden tells the story of his career and what he’s learned along the way

Faster hair in V-Ray 3.0
Luc Bégin explains his process for creating realistic hair in 3ds Max

Create game assets in 3ds Max
Andrew Finch gives us a detailed walkthrough of his 3ds Max methods

Rocky landscapes in ZBrush
Environment artist Anthony Pitts shares his ZBrush modeling expertise

Creating detailed urban scenes
Linden Stirk reveals the Maya and mental ray workflow behind Kowloon Alley

Rendering liquid with KeyShot
Léandre Hounnaké reveals the Mudbox and KeyShot methods behind Water Drops

Digital Art Master: Perpetuum mobile
Learn how Gediminas Pranckevičius crafted his fantasy image, Perpetuum mobile

Magazine Detail :

Title :  3D Creative Magazine Issue 115 March 2015
Publisher : 3DCreativemag.com
Bahasa : Inggris
Format file : PDF
Jumlah halaman : 117 Pages
Besar file : 41 Mb
Download : Mediafire senirupa

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