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Creating Cartoon Characters in 3dsMax

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Creating Cartoon Characters in 3dsMax

Digital Tutors Creating Cartoon Characters in 3dsMax
Digital-tutors : Creating Cartoon Characters in 3ds Max
English | Video: svq3, yuvj420p, 788×648, 1085 kb/s | Audio: mp3, 22050 Hz, s16 | 2.62 GB
Genre: Video training

Duration: 7 hrs. 32 min.
Release Date: November 19, 2008
Author: Justin Marshall
Required Software: 3ds Max 2009 and up (required to open project files)

Learn a production workflow to creating organic cartoon characters and time-saving techniques to creating animation-friendly topology, exaggerating proportions, and adding appeal. Contains over 7.5 hours of project-driven training for artists learning the artistic processes of creating stylized cartoon characters as seen in animated feature films. Popular highlights include: Working with Reference Art; Creating Animation-friendly Topology; Using Splines to Create Geometry; Attaching and Detaching Polygons; Adding Viewport Backgrounds; Exaggerating Proportions; Adding Detail Strategically; Bridging Polygonal Geometry; Creating Stylized Hair; Working with Multiple Pieces; Creating the Illusion of Detail; Cloning Geometry for Reuse; Building from Primitives; Using Extrude, Inset, and Bevel; Modifying Sub-objects; Working with Selections; Setting up Non-spherical Eyes; Previewing Smooth Geometry; Using the FFD Space Warp; Working in Symmetry; Adding Temporary Color to Objects; Simplifying Shapes; Troubleshooting Edge Flow; Sharpening Corners with Edges; Modeling Wrinkles into Clothing; Adding Seams to Cloth; Using FFD Modifiers; Creating Teeth; Capping Border Edges; Cloning Edges; Working with Groups; Adding Appeal

Working with Reference Art
* Creating Animation-friendly Topology
* Using Splines to Create Geometry
* Attaching and Detaching Polygons
* Adding Viewport Backgrounds
* Exaggerating Proportions
* Adding Detail Strategically
* Bridging Polygonal Geometry
* Creating Stylized Hair
* Working with Multiple Pieces
* Creating the Illusion of Detail
* Cloning Geometry for Reuse
* Building from Primitives
* Using Extrude, Inset, and Bevel
* Modifying Sub-objects
* Working with Selections
* Setting up Non-spherical Eyes
* Previewing Smooth Geometry
* Using the FFD Space Warp
* Working in Symmetry
* Adding Temporary Color to Objects
* Simplifying Shapes
* Troubleshooting Edge Flow
* Sharpening Corners with Edges
* Modeling Wrinkles into Clothing
* Adding Seams to Cloth
* Using FFD Modifiers
* Creating Teeth
* Capping Border Edges
* Cloning Edges
* Working with Groups
* Adding Appeal

Lesson Outline:
1. Introduction and Project Overview 0:44
2. Adding Viewport Backgrounds 9:03
3. Starting the head 11:52
4. Creating a framework for the head 10:17
5. Continuing the head framework 10:01
6. Adding lip geometry 12:42
7. Building the nose area 8:07
8. Filling in the upper lip 9:26
9. Filling in the lower lip and cheek 10:02
10. Building the eye socket 10:07
11. Finishing the eye socket 7:01
12. Completing the forehead 8:58
13. Adding the neck 7:17
14. Adding the ear 9:29
15. Finishing the ear and back of the head 12:03
16. Filling in the top of the head 6:33
17. Building the nose 9:37
18. Adding detail around the lips 9:48
19. Modeling the lips 10:08
20. Adding the mouth interior 6:09
21. Building the teeth 7:19
22. Adding the gums 7:20
23. Modeling the tongue 11:23
24. Building the hair 13:00
25. Finishing the hair pieces 12:50
26. Placing hair and eyebrows 7:49
27. Creating a base for the body 15:54
28. Modeling the legs 14:02
29. Modeling the arms 13:08
30. Starting the hand 12:24
31. Finishing the hand 13:53
32. Shaping the lab coat 7:20
33. Adding seams to the shoulders of the coat 6:05
34. Building armbands 5:55
35. Adding a collar to the coat 8:40
36. Building the elastic band 7:12
37. Building pivot geometry with primitives 7:29
38. Creating trim pieces 14:09
39. Adding thickness to the coat 12:53
40. Adding pockets to the coat 10:18
41. Deforming the lab coat 9:50
42. Adding wrinkles to the coat 19:06
43. Building shoes and socks 13:46
44. Creating the eyes 8:40
45. Finishing the eyes 5:31
46. Adding the moles 6:58
Total Run Time: 7:32:37

source : http://www.digitaltutors.com/11/training.php?pid=3581
Creating Cartoon Characters in 3dsMax Download : click here



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