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Tutorial 3DS Max CG Academy 3DMax Workflow 2 Intermediate

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CG Academy 3DMax Workflow 2 Intermediate
CG Academy 3DMax Workflow 2 Intermediate
DVD 3DMax | 3jam 12 Menit | 1,84GB

When working on a production, its common to work as a part of a large team, with each member working on a specific area of that project. This is reflected within the software itself, with each part of the software targeting a specific need such as modelling, texturing, lighting, and particle effects. CG Academy caters to these disciplines with an in depth series of DVDs on each skill set.
However, within our Workflow series, we look beyond these specific areas to the global concerns of our package of choice and production as a whole. We also explore features that define your software, for instance with 3dsmax we look at how we can use its prodecural design within our workflow. You can think of workflow as the glue that bonds the various disciplines together, how we move from modelling to texturing, from finished models to rigging them and so on, giving us a greater insight into the wider topic of 3d computer graphics.

CH 01: What Is Proceduralism?
A brief introduction to the concepts that lie behind Proceduralism, such as Nodes, Parameters and Controllers.

CH 02: Working With Nodes & Proceduralism
To give us a broader insight into what a Procedural workflow is, in this chapter we take a brief look at the same procedural task tackled in 3 different packages, 3dsmax (of course), Maya and also Houdini.

CH 03: The Stack, Friend or Foe?
The Stack can be a daunting and confusing prospect to new users of 3dsmax and 3D software in general. Here we look at how it can be used to make our workflow easier and more flexible.

CH 04: Instancing & Referencing
An important feature of most Procedural systems is the ability to share and re-use nodes, parameters and controllers across the package. We look at what this offers us here...

CH 05: Base Objects & Conversion
All objects in 3dsmax are based on a number of core base geometry types, we look at them here and how we can convert between them at will.

CH 06: Working With The Stack
Here we return to the Stack to look at how it functions in more detail. How we can manipulate the modifiers to do what we want and gain mastery over this crucial 3dsmax interface element.

CH 07: The Modifiers
The Modifiers are the elements that we use to build our procedural systems via the Stack. Here we run through the functionality of each major group briefly.

CH 08: Passing It On & Topological Dependency
Some Modifiers and situations are such that they are totally dependant on the geometry and sub selections passed to them. We explore those issues here.

CH 09: Experimentation Without Risks
Finally we look at how a procedural workflow also allows us to experiment during our workflow with no real risk, and also how to use proceduralism to fix errors we may have made during modelling.

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