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CG Academy 3Ds Max Modelling Fundamental 1

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CG Academy 3Ds Max Modelling Fundamental 1
Free Tutorial 3Ds Max
CG Academy 3Ds Max Modelling Fundamental 1: Primitives & Poly Fundamentals
DVD 3DSMax | 5 Hours 26 Minutes | 2,81GB

You really can't get any more fundamental a need in most CG productions than Modelling. Whether it be an accurate model of a new building design, a mechanical model of a vehicle or prop, to a fantasy creature or photo real human model. Most productions will need models to fill the on screen roles needed to tell their narative. Our series of modelling DVDs will build your skills both in mechanical and natural modelling realms with titles that cover this broad topic at every level. Also we will look at taking your models one stage further with procedural techniques that can make your models become tools in their own right to further speed up your modelling processes.

CH 01: Efficient Scene Navigation
We make a start by looking at how we can effectively navigate within 3dsmax's 3D workspace.

CH 02: Keyboard Shortcuts & Interface
Then we look at the most commonly used keyboard shortcuts and user interface features for modelling.

CH 03: What Are Polygons?
Polygons are fundamental to all current modelling systems. We find out what they are here and why they are so important.

CH 04: Editable Mesh & Editable Polygons
Then we learn the differences between the two current polygon mesh types in 3dsmax.

CH 05: Primitives & Tessellation
Chris then shows us what Primitives are, and how they are tessellated into visible 3D objects via polygons.

CH 06: Coordinate Systems
We then explore what Coordinate Systems are and how they define our 3D world.

CH 07: The Home-Grid & Snaps
Chris then continues by looking at how we can organise those spaces via Grids, and make our modelling more precise by Snapping to those grids whilst modelling.

CH 08: Pivots & Custom Grids
Our objects are manipulated in space via their Pivots. Here we expore these reference points and also the creation of Custom Grids.

CH 09: Modifiers & The Stack
Now we look at one of 3dsmax's main features and key methods for altering primitives, Modifiers and the Stack.

CH 10: Spacewarps
A system akin to Modifiers, called Spacewarps is explored here. We find how Spacewarps and Modifiers are closely related but uniquely featured.

CH 11: Basic Primitive Usage
Now we put what we have learnt so far to practical use, by modelling elements of a go-cart by using Primitives.

CH 12: Using The Bend Modifier
Having created a number of simple model elements we now modify some of them using the Bend Modifier.

CH 13: The U-Bend & Finishing Up
And once comfortable with this, we try something a little more complex by creating a U-bend using a number of modifiers and sub-selections

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