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CG Academy 3Ds Max Modelling Fundamental 4

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CG Academy 3Ds Max Modelling Fundamental 4
CG Academy 3Ds Max Modelling Fundamental 4
Sub D's & Combined Techniques
DVD 6 3Ds Max | 6 Hours, 38 Minutes | 3,37 GB

You really can't get any more fundamental a need in most CG productions than Modelling. Whether it be an accurate model of a new building design, a mechanical model of a vehicle or prop, to a fantasy creature or photo real human model. Most productions will need models to fill the on screen roles needed to tell their narative.
Our series of modelling DVDs will build your skills both in mechanical and natural modelling realms with titles that cover this broad topic at every level. Also we will look at taking your models one stage further with procedural techniques that can make your models become tools in their own right to further speed up your modelling processes.

Content :
Chapter 01: Sub-D Modelling, A History
First we look at how the current implementation of Sub-D modelling came about as a reaction to some of the short-comings of NURBS modelling.

Chapter 02: A NURBS Like Surface
To understand current Sub-Ds, we have to understand NURBS. Here Chris gives you a brief introduction to the anatomy and features of NURBS.

Chapter 03: The Sub-D Surface, Polygon Types
Quad polygons give the best results when working with Sub-Ds, but why? Here Chris explains.

Chapter 04: Controlling Curvature
We now explore a key concept of Sub-Ds, in how you control the curvature of the surface via the proximity of it control points.

Chapter 05: How To Create
We know what they are, and how to control their form. But how do we create these surfaces in the first place?

Chapter 06: The MeshSmooth Modifier
We take an in-depth look here at how the most comprehensive smoothing system works.

Chapter 07: TurboSmooth & NURMS Smoothing
Having mastered the intricacies of the MeshSmooth Modifier, we take a look at the more pared down TurboSmooth and the built in NURMS smoothing in the E-Poly mesh type.

Chapter 08: Editable Poly - Edges
Now Chris takes us through how we can effectively select and model using the E-Polys Edge sub objects.

Chapter 09: Editable Poly - Vertices
And we continue with a similar look at how we can do the same with an E-Polys Vertices.

Chapter 10: Editable Poly - Polygons & Borders
And we complete this section by looking at how we can use the E-Polys Polygon and Border modelling tools.

Chapter 11: Modelling The Cart - Running Boards
Now we return to our series wide modelling project, the go-cart. We make a start here by modelling its running boards using Sub-Ds.

Chapter 12: Modelling The Cart - The Mudguards
We continue modelling by tackling the mudguards using Sub-Ds.

Chapter 13: Modelling The Cart - Hood & Seat
And now Chris shows us how we can model the carts hood and its drivers seat.

Chapter 14: Modelling The Cart - The Drive Cog
And we complete this section by modelling the carts drive cog, which we started in the previous DVD.

Chapter 15: E-Poly & Shell Modifiers
Now we look at how we can use the Sub-D tools and the Shell Modifier to enhance elements we created earlier in this series and this DVD.

Chapter 15: Optimized Smoothing
The smoothing inherent in the Sub-D surface can bog down viewport performance if not handled with care. Here Chris show how to optimize this area.

Chapter 15: Procedural Modelling
Procedural modelling is a workflow that effects all of the areas covered in this series. Here Chris demonstrates what Proceduralism offers.

Homepage: http://www.cg-academy.net
Download: Click Here



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