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3Ds Max Modelling Fundamental 3 Spline Based Tools

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3Ds Max Modelling Fundamental 3 Spline Based Tools
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CG Academy 3DMax Modelling Fundamental 3 : Spline Based Tools
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You really can't get any more fundamental a need in most CG productions than Modelling. Whether it be an accurate model of a new building design, a mechanical model of a vehicle or prop, to a fantasy creature or photo real human model. Most productions will need models to fill the on screen roles needed to tell their narative.
Our series of modelling DVDs will build your skills both in mechanical and natural modelling realms with titles that cover this broad topic at every level. Also we will look at taking your models one stage further with procedural techniques that can make your models become tools in their own right to further speed up your modelling processes.

Content :
Chapter 01: History Of Curve Primitives
Chris kicks off the DVD with a brief history of how curves were first developed for 3D software in automotive design in France.

Chapter 02: Bezier Curves - Fundamentals 1
We continue with a look at the fundamental concepts behind their implementation in 3dsmax via Bezier Splines.

Chapter 03: Bezier Curves - Fundamentals 2
And we continue by looking at further aspects of Bezier Splines.

Chapter 04: Vertices & Interpolation
For these mathematically perfect curves to be of use we need to convert them first into straight lines and in turn polygons. We look at this issue here.

Chapter 05: Spline Editing & Practical Tips
When working with B-Splines in 3dsmax, there are certain workflows that will give you the best results in the shortest period. Chris runs through how to edit Splines here and gives some tips and tricks.

Chapter 06: Curve Based Modelling Overview
We know how to create Splines and how to edit them. But now we learn how we can convert those curves into 3D forms.

Chapter 07: The Extrude Modifier
We now take a look at the tools for creating 3D forms from Splines. The first method we look at is the relatively simple, yet very useful Extrude Modifier.

Chapter 08: Lathe Modifier
Then Chris shows us how the Lathe Modifier works.

Chapter 09: Loft Compound Object - PT1
And we complete this section by taking an in-depth look at the Loft Compound Object, which can be thought of as a combination Extrude/Lathe tool on steroids.

Chapter 10: Loft Compound Object - PT2
Chris continues his explanation of this comprehensive and flexible tool here.

Chapter 11: Loft Compound Object - PT3
And we conclude this section here by looking at the Loft deformation options.

Chapter 12: Go-Cart Modelling - Steering Column
Now we have a grasp of the Spline based tools, we make a start on modelling some go-cart model elements using a combination of them.

Chapter 13: Go-Cart Modelling - Steering Wheel
We continue modelling by creating the carts steering wheel and other elements.

Chapter 14: Go-Cart Modelling - Wheels & Tyres
And we complete this section by modelling the carts wheel hubs and tyres.

Chapter 15: Curves In Animation
And we conclude with a brief look at how Splines can also be used for animation in a number of ways

Homepage: http://www.cg-academy.net
Download: Click Here



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