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3DCreative Magazine Issue 042 February 2009

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3DCreative Magazine Issue 42 February 2009
3DCreative Magazine Issue 42 February 2009

Editorial :
Welcome to Issue 42, coming to you from a snow-covered England (woo-hoo!). This month sees the start of yet another great ‘super series’ in 3DCreative – this time we’re talking gothic church interiors, for which 5 wonderful artists will talk us through the principal techniques used in building a church interior. And to make things slightly more interesting, we also welcome a modo artist to the series, in the form of Robert Bergh. So to re-cap, that’s 3d Studio Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, LightWave and modo (we’re good to you guys!). Part 1 of the series starts on page 79 and next month we’ll briefly switch to ZBrush with Jesse Sandifer, who’s going to take us through the sculpting of a stunning gargoyle, which our Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, LightWave and modo artists will later incorporate into their scenes in Part 3. We wanted to make this tutorial series unique, so in the final chapter of the series our 5 artists will be handing over to Zoltan Korcsok who will be handling post-production on each of the software renders. So there’s lots to stay tuned for (I bet that 6-month subscription is looking more than tempting right now *winks*).

Back to basics: this month we interview professional freelancer, Francisco Cortina, who boasts an impressive client list including the likes of DreamWorks, Square and Digital Domain, as well as titles such as Final Fantasy, and that’s not to mention his recent role as modelling supervisor for The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. Check out page 9 to be wowed by Francisco’s portfolio, and then take a short trip to our second interview for February, with illustrator and character artist Roman Style (page 21), who’s currently working for Virtual Fairground in Amsterdam. We love Roman’s unique take on CG character illustrations, and took the opportunity this month to get to know a little about the artist behind the style!

Back to this month’s tutorials, let’s talk ZBrush! Not to disappoint all our ZBrush followers, we’re back again with the latest from Rafael Ghencev – this time with a truly impressive zombie character on page 53. We also welcome back Rafael Grassetti to this month’s Speed Sculpting article, who has taken on the topic of sculpting a “Vegetation Creature” alongside the lovely Magdalena Dadela (page 45). We’ll be seeing more from these two artists in future issues, as Magdalena will be back again with the creation of a Fantasy Orc character, and Rafael Grassetti is going to be sculpting the finale of the ZBrush Character Creation series in May.

Our making of articles this month have been kindly contributed by Joseph Harford, who discusses the creation of his Constanza Bonarelli Bust renders (page 59), and Carlos Ortega who talks cartoon bunnies with an article on the making of his recent Bunny female character (page 65). We’ll be seeing more from Joseph Harford next month, as he’ll be stepping into the ZBrush Character Creation series to talk us through how to sculpt and texture a Vampire in ZBrush

Webpage : http://www.3dcreativemag.com/issues_2009/february/main.html
Download : Part1 | Part2



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